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Printing of personal or artistic photographs on various quality supports to private individuals and professionals.

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Our story

It was in November 2018 that we started the Lipics adventure.

Lipics is the story of two childhood friends from the Liège area, who are passionate about photography and entrepreneurship. Having at our disposal facilities that allow for printing of photographs with large formats and on a variety of supports, we had the idea to offer personalised photo prints to our friends, during festive events such as birthdays, end of year parties or weddings. Everyone was delighted, we could feel their happiness and hear their satisfaction with the originality and quality of our photo prints.

As time went by, it had a snowball effect. People at various parties asked us if it was possible to order them as gifts or hang in their homes. From this enthusiasm, our Lipics adventure began with one key objective: « Bringing happiness into your interiors ».

From its founding in November 2018 to the present day, we have diversified, and we are now able to satisfy the needs of many customers in terms of photo prints.

We supply individuals wishing to offer personalised gifts to their family or friends, decoration shops working with local partners to offer design prints on acrylic and Dibond adapted to the offer of their shops, companies wanting to bring a touch of escape in their offices and art lovers passionate about beautiful art photographs.

Our strengths

Lipics is a company whose goal is your satisfaction, just like 98% of our customers say! With an innovative process offering a wide range of products, we do everything to offer you simple, custom-made and quality creation tools. What’s more, our signs are printed in Belgium!

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